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about betrayal

It's time to redefine Death Metal from Germany!
In a melting pot of technically skilled, classic Death Metal, Swedish Melo-Death and a touch of Black, the four guys from Aschaffenburg create a captivating mixture of handcrafted Death Metal Music, ready to set everything on fire that gets in their way. The band emerged from the past line-up changes like a phoenix out of ashes and grew from a spark to a firestorm in more than ten years of existence.
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Founded in Aschaffenburg in 2005, BETRAYAL soon released 'Of Lust And Loss' in 2007, an EP that stirred up the local underground, sold out on the day of release and showed the potential of the young band around drummer Manuel Caccamese.
After several line-up changes, BETRAYAL found themselves together again in 2014. With Alex Burkl on rhythm guitar/vocals and Philipp Gherig on bass, a foundation was finally laid to build a golden future on. They quickly drew attention to themselves again with a demo in 2015.
In 2016, eleven years after the band was founded, BETRAYAL released their first album 'Infinite Circles' on Transcending Records. They were able to gain many new fans and received nothing but great reviews.
With their new addition Bastian Kraus on Lead Guitar in January 2019, they not only got fresh blood but also musical quality and creativity on board. BETRAYAL hit the studio 2019, working on their second full length album 'Disorder Remains' which was released via Rising Nemesis Records on April 16th 2021.


disorder remains

Release: 2021
Label: Rising Nemesis Records


Release: 2020
Label: self-published

infinite circles

Release: 2016
Label: Transcending Records


Release: 2015
Label: self-published

of lust and loss

Release: 2007
Label: self-published


music videos

Watch our latest videos, containing songs like 'WAR' as well as Studio- and Tour Documentaries.


Shots of our Live Performances on numerous festivals (With Full Force, Christmas Bash , Protzen O.A. and others), supporting Cannibal Corpse , Thy Art is Murder or Asphyx as well as on tour with Belphegor, Suffocation, Hate and Gruesome.

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